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Why pay to volunteer - Your Program Fee Covers Your Costs and Supports Communities in Need

*SASTS is a nonprofit that works hard to keep its costs and its fees as low as possible. Still, we know that it is a challenge for many of our volunteers to pay for their programs. We want you to know that your money is spent as effectively and efficiently as possible, and we are always working to make it more affordable. 

Many ask, “Why should I have to pay to volunteer?” The answer is that volunteering in another country requires a lot of resources and preparation. Volunteers abroad need accommodations, food, emergency health and evacuation insurance, in addition to in-country transportation and orientation to ensure their safety.

Since *SASTS places volunteers with host families, we need to help our host communities and partner organizations cover their costs. We focus much attention and respect on the local community. We believe sending volunteers to live with host families helps boost the local economy, and does a great deal to increase cross-cultural understanding and assist the community in the long-term.

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